4 ways in which LEDs can transform spaces

LED luminaires are known for energy efficiency, performance, and long term saving. But these are not the only benefits. It has been proven by numerous studies that when you install high quality LED  luminaries  in an office space, it can create a healthy work environment and also increase employee productivity. Then some workplaces acknowledge the collaboration and focus more on boosting employees’ efficiency and productivity. Some of the best commercial lighting manufacturers assert that now workplaces are increasingly investing in LED-based smart lighting solutions   such as P ower over Ethernet, Human-centric lighting, and  smart lighting controls. Alongside the points mentioned above, other ways how LED help transform office space are: LED lighting enhances office productivity It goes without saying that proper lighting plays a crucial role in a workplace, it not only enhances productivity but also influences employee perception, performance and mood. Some studies have proven that

4 steps that can help build purpose in the organization

  Managers who embrace “purpose beyond profit” have the capability to transform the fortune of their organization, but it can’t be achieved alone. The purpose of the organization truly comes alive when all the employees are inspired and well-equipped to put their purpose into action.   Now this means that purposeful leaders must have a firm grasp on:   ●         How purpose flows and moves within the organization ●         How can it inspire and enrol people ●         How to map it out and translate it across different parts of the organization ●         How does it have the potential to encounter resistance ●         How can it unlock new approaches to problem-solving   Below are four steps that will help you build purpose in your organization: First, let us understand the difference between a purpose statement and purpose-in-action Purpose doesn’t truly come alive until you map it against your day-to-day operations and processes of the organization. It only comes al

4 Challenges managers face while managing the team remotely

  Managing remote teams is new for almost every team leader, manager and HR but people are getting used to this new work environment with every passing day. It is quite difficult to handle teams working from home; everyone has their own experience and perception about working from home. Some people find it easy, while for others it is a tough deal. It generally happens with employees working in the management department because it is not that easy to make the workforce feel they are working toward the common goal. Numerous other challenges need to be addressed while doing remote team management , some of which are as follows. Communication is a must Communication is of utmost importance when the team is working remotely. It is difficult to get accurate input from every member and know which project or task employees are working on. In this situation, it is not easy to do open communication. So it is recommended to use remote employee monitoring software . These applications keep

All you need to know about lighting design for schools and education facilities

  The role that lighting plays in educational facilities and how it enhances the process of learning is fundamental. Lighting sets the scene for verbal communication, listening, social interaction, and comprehension of situations. It is a crucial element of design that greatly influences how well space meets the requirements and needs of students and professors. Classroom lighting should enhance well-being, health, and performance by providing a comfortable and attractive environment for students. The foundation of any lighting design is to smoothly integrate human needs, economics and the environment, and architecture.   Below are a few points that highlight the importance of the right lighting in educational institutions : Colour appearance Colour appearance plays a crucial part in lighting. It has an integral relationship with lighting in terms of emotional, visual, and biological effects. The extent to which your mood, atmosphere, visual performance, and well-being are affected

5 things to keep in mind when building an employee engagement survey

  Some might think that building an employee engagement survey is easy, as it's just about putting questions. However, the truth is that it is a daunting task and can bring a lot of value to your organization just like any other business project. Moreover, did you know that highly engaged employees are capable of earning 21% more profits and have up to 59% less turnover, as per the study done by   Gallup . Now, the next step is figuring out which type of survey suits your organization's needs and requirements. ● First, there is an employee engagement survey: It is an intensive survey that will provide you with a broad understanding of how employees feel about the company, culture, and policy. ● Second, The pulse survey: You can conduct a pulse survey with the help of an employee engagement tool The survey helps you gauge progress on changes you have made after the feedback you received. And, it also helps you understand the employee experience, potential danger, and take action

How long should one wait to eat after taking a laxative?

  Every one of us feels uneasy while dealing with constipation and bloating. We look for the best solution to get rid of these issues instantly. Either we start drinking more and more water or we change our daily diet plan. Sometimes these minor modifications in our everyday routine result in remarkable relief but, in some situations, a stronger solution is needed. Yes, we have to take a laxative to sway away constipation causes and their symptoms .   There are numerous reasons why we feel constipated, like when there is a lack of fiber in our daily meal, metabolic disease like diabetes, medications like anti-depression, etc. To cure that, laxatives come to the rescue.   Before understanding when and how to take laxatives, let’s first understand why we should take them. ●       Laxative uses fiber as a bulking agent and increases water content as well as the bulk of the stool. ●       Laxatives act as lubricants as they contain an emollient like mineral oil that helps in passin

5 Things to Keep in Mind to Ensure Smooth Virtual Onboarding

  The business work has migrated online and myriad workers are now communicating through emails and video calls. Several businesses have nailed this transformation but one problem that people still need to master is virtual onboarding. Although this is a new challenge, the process remains the same. Companies need to develop new onboarding guidelines that cater to remote work. Some key ways you can accomplish this goal: 1. Hold meet and greets With the help of employee performance management software , setting up social gatherings for new employees has become a lot easier. You can schedule a meeting so that they get to know their co-workers and CEO(s). 2. Regular check-ins Managers should set up regular one-on-ones with new employees. In the meeting, discuss their goals for the first week and things they need to achieve every day. Furthermore, work with them to build a strong schedule and time management, as they are of paramount importance when you are working remotely. 3.